The current status of RAEGE

When complete, the Red Atlántica de Estaciones Geodinámicas y Espaciales (RAEGE) will be composed of four VGOS radio-telescopes, two in Spain (Yebes and Gran Canaria) and two in Portugal (Santa María and Flores islands). The Yebes VGOS radio-telescope is fully operational and integrated in the VGOS core network. The Santa María VGOS radio-telescope is undergoing major maintenance operations. However, in November 2020 it performed joint observations of Bepi-Colombo at 8.4 and 32 GHz simultaneously, together with JPL/NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) antennas. More details on this experiment will be provided. The current status of all the four RAEGE radio-telescopes will be presented.

José A. López-Pérez[1], João S. Ferreira[2], Javier González-García[1], Carlos Albo-Castaño[1], Abel García-Castellano[1], P. de Vicente-Abad[1],

José A. Lopéz-Fernández[1], Francisco W. Macedo[3], Luís R. Santos[3], Sara Pavão[3]

Journal reference: Proceedings of the 25th European VLBI Group for Geodesy and Astrometry Working Meeting, 14-18 March 2021 Cyberspace, Gothenburg, Sweden, Ed. R. Haas, 2021. pp. 1-4.

ISBN: 978-91-88041-41-8

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Corresponding author: [email protected]