Consistency Of VLBI Estimates In The CONT17 Campaign

As part of its observing program, the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS) arranges special observation campaigns of continuous Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) known as CONT campaigns. The last CONT campaign (CONT17) was carried out by the end of 2017 and consisted of three networks observing in parallel: two legacy S/X networks and a VGOS broadband network. This strategy brings an interesting opportunity for the comparison of VLBI estimates as result of the processing of the data acquired by the antennas of each network. The purpose of this contribution is to compare the consistency between the estimates of the different networks in order to gain insight into the influence of the geometry of the network and the observing technology on the geodetic products estimated through VLBI.

Víctor Puente[1], Esther Azcue[1], Elena Martínez[2], Mariana Moreira[3], Marina García[1]

Keywords VGOS, Networks, S/X legacy, CONT17, Atmosphere

Type Proceeding

Event EVGA Meeting 2021 (14-18 March 2021)

[1] National Geographic Institute of Spain, Madrid, Spain

[2] Observatory of Yebes – National Geographic Institute of Spain, Yebes, Spain

[3] Estação RAEGE de Santa Maria, Associação RAEGE Açores, Santa Maria – Azores, Portugal  | Atlantic International Research Centre, Terceira – Azores, Portugal