Initiative by the Vila do Porto Town Council following the European Week for Waste Prevention

Following the Azores Waste Week, part of the European Waste Prevention Week, the Vila do Porto Town Council organized an event with the aim of promoting the implementation of awareness-raising actions on the sustainable management of resources and waste. On November 18 and 19, 2021, the actions were directed to the school community of Santa Maria Island and on the 20th to the general population. This event took place at the Library of Vila do Porto.

At the invitation of the Vila do Porto town council, RAEGE-Az participated in the event with the theme “The importance of monitoring space debris”. Since March 2021, one of the projects of RAEGE-Az is the EUSST (EUropean Space Surveillance and Tracking), a project of the National Defense Department that aims to guarantee its own capacity for monitoring, characterizing, and tracking objects that, moving in near-Earth orbits, can be a real danger to space infrastructure and the planet itself.

The objective of this action was to raise awareness, both in the school community and the general population, that waste management is important both inside and outside the atmosphere and to present solutions to this problem: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

For a better understanding of this topic, see the presentation here.