João Salmim Ferreira at the International Conference on the Azores Strategy for Space

On November 11 and 12, 2021, the Government of the Azores presented its Space Strategy, a document that aims to promote the vision, mission, and objectives to boost the aerospace sector in the region in the medium and long term.

At the invitation of EMA Espaço, the event's organizer, João Salmim Ferreira, director of Santa Maria’s RAEGE Station and deputy director of the RAEGE project, was part of one of the panels of speakers making a presentation at the “Work Session nº 1: Application development based on spatial data, installation of test sites for space technologies and in-situ network integration”.

During his presentation, João Salmim Ferreira emphasized the objectives of the RAEGE network, as well as those of RAEGE-Az, highlighted the various studies around Spatial Geodesy, explained the techniques used for this study, and exposed some future objectives of the RAEGE Azores Association (RAEGE-Az) such as the construction of the Flores Island Station and new scientific projects.

Full video of Working Session #1, here