Marine-EO – Earth Observation applied to maritime affairs in the Azores

Following the International Space Week, students from Santa Maria’s High School went to RAEGE Station and were able to visit, know all the equipment in detail, and know a little bit more about the RAEGE project.

Fábio Vieira, from DRCT, presented the Marine-EO project. This is a project that brings together a group of five maritime authorities and a group of four prestigious scientific and technical organizations with experience in Earth Observation. The main objectives of this project were presented: developing, testing, and validating two sets of services based on Earth Observation, proposing a set of support services that integrate Earth Observation and Copernicus services, and strengthening transnational collaboration in the field of maritime awareness.

At the end of the visit, some students from classes 10ºA, 11ºA, 12ºA, and 12ºB, showed interest in developing school projects based on data collected by Santa Maria’s RAEGE Station in the areas of seismology and gravimetry. This proposal ended up marking the beginning of a new collaboration between the Santa Maria high school and the Associação RAEGE Açores (RAEGE Azores Association).